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Jeffrey Taylor Local SEO specialistHello, and welcome to my blog!

For those of you that don’t know me, I have been marketing online since 1995 and specialize in helping Small Business owners and car dealers attract more customers using the power of Local Internet Marketing.

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Yup, I am originally from a small town in Northern New Jersey called Sparta. I call St Augustine Florida my home where I am blessed with a beautiful wife and 2 totally awesome boys.

After graduating from College in 1985, my adventures ranged from Operations Director at 2 major Ski Resorts, to running a small Advertising agency in New York.

It was at that point that I realized that advertising and marketing were my true passions!

The Biggest Change in my career path occurred in 1995!

In 1995, I started paying attention to  this new phenomenon called the Internet and quickly realized that this was the direction marketing was headed and started my online journey.

“Over the past 22 years of using Local SEO tactics for car dealers and  small businesses,  the one thing that I still have yet to discover is that magic, no work, get rich quick scheme, that I see advertised online everyday.”

If you are a business owner, I am sure you get phone calls and emails everyday from some Internet Marketing Specialist pushing the latest, greatest, online marketing scheme.

Don’t fall for their hyped up sales pitches!

Long term Internet marketing for your small business is not about quick schemes or secrets, it is about knowing how the search engines work and doing it right.

Local Internet Marketing should be about generating leads and attracting more customers to grow your business!

If you are a small business owner or are involved in the marketing at your company, it is probably apparent to you that things change fast on the Internet.

One day you are riding high on page one of Google and your phones are ringing off the hook, only to wake up one morning and find your website has been slapped off page one and the phone is not ringing anymore.

The truth is, a true Internet marketing specialist must always be on their toes and constantly learning what is working online and what is a waste of time and money.

Although Local Small Business SEO is not rocket science it still requires knowledge, patience, and a willingness to do the work necessary to get your business in front of as many interested prospects as possible.

What to look forward to in 2017 regarding marketing your Small Business online.

Smart Phones continue to change the way people search for businesses online!

Having a well designed website and local business listings are still the most important areas that small business owners should focus on to attract more customers, but the way people search is drastically changing as more people rely on their mobile devices to find local businesses.

Google knows this and is paying close attention to how your business website displays on a mobile phone.

A poorly optimized website or a local business listing with incorrect or inconsistent information will hurt your chances of showing up on peoples mobile devices when they search for local businesses.

Major Google Algorithm Changes sent a clear message to Internet Marketers that continue to take short cuts!

Google penguin and panda updatesThe goal of a Small Business SEO specialist is to put your business on top of the search engines for the best keywords and drive interested prospects to your website.

Unfortunately, over the past several years there has been a huge increase in Local Internet Marketing services that are being run by inexperienced marketers that bought some ‘how to be a local Internet marketing consultant’ eBook and then claimed they can help you dominate Google.

Many of these ‘How to Become a Local Internet Marketing Specialist’  training programs included short cut tactics that although Google frowns upon them, they had not taken any action against the violators.

A common belief among many SEO specialists is, if Google is allowing us to use these tactics, it must be okay. The bottom line is, if Google says it is against their guidelines they will eventually catch up to you. When they do, everyone acts surprised when their website drops like a rock in the search results.

Many small business owners that hired these SEO services were promised fast results and in many cases got them.

Why? Well, many years ago Google made back links to your website a major factor in the their ranking algorithm. It was well known in the SEO arena that websites that could effectively build tons of back links, could grab high search engine rankings in a very short period of time.

The result? Millions of thin and lousy content websites were dominating the search results because SEO specialists were using techniques that built thousands of back links in a very short period of time.

Creating quality content was not a major issue to these people. Once the word got out that back links were king, back link services and blog networks were created just to help websites build thousands of back links.

There were also many other techniques lazy or poorly trained SEO specialists used to game Google, but the above were the main areas Google targeted in their algorithm updates.

The first Major Google Slap was called the Panda Update

The Panda Update was a primarily a content related update, focused on targeting websites with duplicate and/or poor quality content. One of the major issues was content providers taking a an already written piece of content, changing a few words, and posting it all over the Internet.

Despite the Panda update there are still quite a few website designers and SEO services building websites and using duplicate content.

Some of their websites do well at first, but once Google discovers this, they eventually get slapped.

Google loves original and interesting content and will reward websites that provide both with higher rankings.

If a website designer specializes in your industry, make sure they are not just copying other clients websites and slapping your business info in there. (happens all the time)

The next big Google algorithm change was Called the Penguin Update

Early in 2012 Google made a massive algorithm change called the Penguin update that penalized websites that built too many back links too fast, or obtained back links from websites Google deemed bad neighborhoods.

They also penalized websites that used too many keyworded anchor text links. There are a number of other areas Google focused on but the first 2 affected quite a few small business websites.

To summarize, the following areas were the main focus of the Google Penguin update:

  • Most of the website’s back links are low quality.
  • Most of the website’s back links come from unrelated websites.
  • Too many links directing back to your website with exact match keywords in the anchor text.

There are also other areas that Penguin targeted, but poor back links and over optimized anchor text really hurt a lot of small business websites and many dropped out of the top rankings without warning.

How to Avoid a Google slap and get high rankings for your best keywords!

google penalizes small businessFirst and foremost, understand what Google wants and do not take short cuts!
Over the past year many local Small Business SEO services have had to take a hard look at what they are currently doing for their small business clients and focus more on what works and is regarded as white hat SEO by Google.

Local SEO is a process and does NOT happen overnight!
Google still places a high value on back links but they are scrutinizing where they come from, and how fast you build them. Building too many back links to your website too fast looks unnatural to the Google spiders and may result in a penalty.

The Small Business SEO specialists that were engaging in back link buying are out of luck. They can no longer make false promises of overnight rankings to unsuspecting small business owners.

Beware! There are still SEO scammers out there using these back link strategies and you must have a clear understanding of how they are building your back links, where they are coming from and how fast are they building them.

Content Marketing is one major key to successful Local SEO for small businesses in 2016!

small business content marketing seoWith all the gimmicks out on the Internet designed to trick Google and get you higher rankings, there is only one true way to dominate in your local market.

Without writing a book about the importance of content marketing and why as a small business owner, you must be doing it, just go to the following link and read about it yourself.

Small Business  SEO using Content Marketing

Google wants to see a constant flow of interesting, relevant, and original content on websites.  The days of building a website and never updating or building it are over!

Proper Distribution of Content equals quality back links!

Creating great content and uploading it to your website is just the start. Great content is worthless if you do not distribute around the Internet for people to see and back link to.

There are many distribution outlets available that are effective and not frowned upon by Google.

Social Media and Local Community Building

social media and local seoThanks to the explosion of social media the World Wide Web is breaking down into smaller communities that interact with friends and like minded people.

Every small business marketing in a local area should be focusing on building communities using the various Social Networking websites like Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

Google is looking at what we call Social Signals to determine if people in your local communities are looking at your content and engaging. Engaging means, re-tweeting, liking, sharing, commenting, re-pinning, and subscribing to your content.

If you are still avoiding using social media as a marketing tool you are definitely headed in the wrong direction when it comes to Local Search in 2016!

 Yes, Ranking your Google Plus Local Business Listing is a nightmare, but you cannot ignore it!

Google plus local seoAs I wrote earlier in this post, the new Google Local business listings for local businesses (formally Google Places) now called Google My Business is constantly changing the rules and many small business owners have suffered great hardships because of Google’s lack of regard for their actions.

However, a top ranking in the Google Local rankings is a huge lead generator and you cannot ignore it.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about how to clean up the mess, but you can still rank if you do it exactly the way Google wants it.

Can I help you get top rankings in your local market?

With the death of the Yellow Pages, and the slow death of newspapers, many small business owners like yourself are looking for new ways to market their business and attract more customers.

In view of the fact that 97% of consumers use the Internet to find things and use local search to find products and services in your area, you must engage in Local Internet marketing if you want to compete in your local marketplace.

Without turning this post into a sales pitch, if you are serious about increasing leads and customers using local SEO go to and look around.

What makes us different than other Small Business local SEO services?

We feel very strongly that in order to help you generate leads and turn them into customers it is important to create an Internet marketing plan that fits your business, local market, and competitive environment. Too many Local Internet Marketing services offer cookie cutter packages to all their potential clients. 

It just doesn’t make sense to us!

Over the past 20 years, we have found that every small business regardless of size has its own unique circumstances.

Without a comprehensive analysis, how can a cookie cutter package target the exact areas your business should be focusing on to be successful online?

small business seo packagesIs your small business a cookie cutter business? Don’t let some SEO company pushing a‘one size fits all’ package treat you like one.

We can’t help you create a successful Local Internet Marketing Plan until we know where your strengths and weaknesses lie!

Get a Free Comprehensive Local Web Presence Analysis without a Sales Pitch!

Find out where you stand asap and make 2016 the year you use Local Internet Marketing to grow your business!

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My advice is never quit on your dream and never stop learning and upgrading your skills. Become an expert at what you, provide value, over deliver and people will flock to you.

If you have any questions or want me to look at your current website or want to pick my brain, do not hesitate to contact me.

I absolutely love talking with small business owners, the engine that drives America!

To Your Success

Jeffrey Taylor

Local SEO and Lead Generation Specialist