Is your Google Business Listing Suspended or No Longer on Page One?

Your Google Local Business listing used to be called Google Places and is now known as Google My Business (GMB)

The Explosion of Mobile Search Makes Having a Optimized Google Local Business Listing More Important Than Ever Before!

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Massive changes in the way consumers search for local businesses and a major upcoming change in Google’s local search algorithm is putting Google Business Listings in a more prominent position in the search results.

Own a single business, a chain of businesses, national franchise?

If you are a small business owner that does business in a local market area you need to have a verified and optimized Google business listing.

Whether you are a single location brick and mortar, a service area business, or you have multiple locations scattered around local markets, if you are having problems understanding how Google local business listings work you need to find a consultant that specializes in Google local.

The Truth about Local SEO and Google Business Listings

Google local business listings are no longer an option if you want your small business to attract more customers online. The problem is, most local seo services and website designers do not understand how Google My Business works.

In fact, some local SEO specialists won’t even touch local business listings because of the complexity that occurs when you have a problem.

Common Google My Business Listing problems:

  • Duplicate listings
  • Unverified Listings
  • Improper Categories
  • Inconsistent Name, Address, Phone Number info (NAP)
  • Citation Issues
  • Improper connection with website

Do not confuse website SEO optimization with Google Business Listing optimization. Although they are tied together, they require a totally different set of skills when it comes to optimization and troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Your Google Business Listing issues

Find out why your Google Business Listing is not ranking on page one and fix it!

google places penalty small businessIt doesn’t matter if you have one location or a thousand locations, each business listing requires a specific set of tasks if you expect it to have any chance of making the Google first page in your area for your industry keywords.

Google has a set of guidelines and many unwritten rules that must be adhered to.

Some Google Local SEO companies or Google Business Listing training courses try to get around the rules and engage in what we call black or gray hat techniques that may give you good results for a little while, but eventually Google will catch up to and your local listing will be penalized and in some cases banned.

Unfortunately, in many cases clients come to me after someone else has created a mess by stepping around the rules or they simply had no idea what they were doing. In these cases I must clean up the mess and re-do their Google listing optimization.

Google Business Listing Optimization Services:

  • Google account set up, local listing verification and optimization – I can get your stuff set up and let you take over from there.
  • Google My Business listing consulting and troubleshooting – already have an in-house marketing person? I can work with them, train them and help troubleshoot your Google local problems for a consultant fee.
  • Complete Google local packages – At Local GoldMine, we can take over your Google local listing and marketing worries and allow you to run your business.

What Should You Do Next?

First and foremost I need to do a thorough analysis of your current situation to determine what needs to be done first. Too many local SEO specialists just start building listings without searching for Google penalties or duplicate listings.

With over 21 years of Local SEO experience I have worked with thousands of Google local business listings and there is not too much I have not seen.

Whether you need our services for consultant work or want us to take over your Google local account we will work out a cost that matches what you need and the amount of work that needs to be done to get your business listing on page one of Google.

Jeffrey Taylor local seo consultantReady to talk about your Google Places Listing?

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